Who Sponsors and Conducts Youth Range Workshop?

YRW is an activity of the Texas Section of the Society for Range Management (TSSRM). Members of the TSSRM Youth Activities Committee serve as directors of YRW. Directors and other invited experts are the instructors. A number of individuals, ranches, organizations, and businesses sponsor YRW in partnership with TSSRM.

Where is Youth Range Workshop held?

YRW is held at the Texas Tech University Center in Junction, Texas. During the week, we will do field work on several ranches in the area and the Kerr Wildlife Management Area.

When is Youth Range Workshop held?

YRW is held each summer, usually during the third week of June. The dates for 2023 are June 18th-23rd, 2023.

Who can attend Youth Range Workshop?

Students between the ages of 14 and 18 who have completed 8th grade but not graduated from high school are eligible to attend.

Why should I attend Youth Range Workshop?

Students will be working directly with and learning from leaders in the ranching industry as well as highly respected experts in the fields of range management, soil science, wildlife management, prescribed burning, etc. Check out the “Our Team” page to meet the instructors.

Regardless of what your future holds for you, you will benefit from the education, training, and experience you receive and the skills you will develop at Youth Range Workshop. No matter where you go to college or what your major is, what career you choose, or where you live, the information you are exposed to and the lessons learned at YRW can be applied to your everyday life.

Long-lasting friendships and networks with other students as well as professionals and educators will be among the best things that will be taken away from YRW.

What will I learn at Youth Range Workshop?

The majority of each day will be in the field on ranches and rangelands actively involved in hands-on learning and training experiences related to range management, wildlife habitat management, grazing management, fire ecology and prescribed burning, soil science and soil health, plant identification and plant collection, brush control, rainfall effectiveness and the water cycle, carbon cycle relationships, and much more. Leadership skill development and the opportunity to participate in public speaking are among the most valued activities.

How do I apply to attend Youth Range Workshop?

YRW participation is limited to 36 students, so please apply as early as possible. We prefer Online Applications. The application can also be downloaded and printed, if necessary. Submit the completed copy of the form and email it to:

How will I know if I have been accepted to attend Youth Range Workshop?

You will be notified by email of receipt of your application

How much does Youth Range Workshop cost?

The registration fee is $500 which covers all lodging, meals, supplies, and educational materials for the entire week. Each individual is responsible for transportation to and from YRW at Junction.

How and where do I pay if I am selected to attend Youth Range Workshop?

Full payment of $500 must be received by June 1, 2023 in order for you to be accepted as a YRW participant. Email us with questions,

What do I need to bring with me to Youth Range Workshop?

In general, you should bring clothes that are appropriate for working outdoors (jeans or long pants, boots or sturdy shoes, hat or cap, etc. You will also want to bring comfortable clothes for relaxing and recreation at the end of the day (shorts, swim suit, etc.). Since you will be outdoors much of the time you should bring sun screen and bug spray. For your cabin you will need to bring a pillow and sheets or a sleeping bag for your bed. A full list of items to bring to YRW will be sent to you if you are selected to attend YRW.

Is there time for fun at Youth Range Workshop?

We have LOTS of fun. Swimming in some of the most beautiful rivers in the Texas Hill Country, locations unavailable to the public, fellowship around a campfire, and some of the best food in Texas await you at YRW!

Still Have Questions?

Call or text Rode Mills at 432-923-2734, or Austin Kelly at 254-477-3213

Join us in June!

Are you a high school student 14-18 years old? Lucky you! You are eligible to be a part of Youth Range Workshop! We'll be at Junction, Texas at the Texas Tech University Center June 16 – 21, 2024. Apply today! We can help you with who to contact for possible sponsorships!