We Depend Upon Our Partners

Our partners and sponsors are the lifeblood of Youth Range Workshop. They represent a diverse group of organizations, businesses, individuals, and agencies who are committed to the conservation of rangelands and other grazing lands as well as the education of the future stewards of our natural resources. Just as diversity is essential for healthy rangelands, the different groups that make up our sponsors and partners are essential to ensure that YRW remains healthy, continues to grow and thrive, and provides a rewarding experience for participants. It takes all of us (sponsors, partners, and volunteers) working together to make YRW a reality every year.

Some of our sponsors and partners have been with us from the very beginning, others have supported us for many years, and still others are relatively recent. Some give a little, some give a lot. Regardless of how long they have been involved or how they choose to contribute, we cherish them all and we could not provide the kind of quality experience we are known for without their support.

THANK YOU to all our Sponsors and Partners. 

Become A Partner

WE WANT YOU to be a part of our team. If you are interested in rangelands, conservation of natural resources, and educating the next generation of land stewards, you should consider becoming involved with Youth Range Workshop. There are many ways you can contribute:


  • Become the exclusive sponsor for a full day of YRW activities
  • Sponsor one of the field trips or special activities or events at YRW
  • Sponsor one of the awards to recognize individuals or teams who have excelled at various activities during the week at YRW
  • Sponsor the purchase of equipment, educational materials, etc. needed for training and teaching YRW participants
  • Sponsor one or more students to attend YRW who would not otherwise have that opportunity by paying their registration fee.


  • Honorarium - Consider giving a donation to honor a person or group who has contributed to the success of Youth Range Workshop and is dedicated to the conservation of natural resources.
  • Memorial - Consider giving a donation to honor the memory of a person who was dedicated to the conservation of natural resources and the art and science of range management.

Please send checks to: 
Jenny Pluhar
P.O. Box 931
Canyon, TX, 79015

For more information about Sponsorship opportunities or to make financial contributions contact Jenny Pluhar at 806- 679-8729.


Join us in June!

Are you a high school student 14-18 years old? Lucky you! You are eligible to be a part of Youth Range Workshop! We'll be at Junction, Texas at the Texas Tech University Center June 19-24, 2022. Apply today! We can help you with who to contact for possible sponsorships!