Join Other High School Students from Across Texas for a Fun, Exciting, Educational Experience!

Learn about Texas rangelands and natural resource management from a team of experts including: Ranchers, Rangeland Management Specialists, Soil Scientists, Wildlife Biologists, Educators and Consultants. We focus on educational experiences, demonstrations, hands-on experiences, extensive time in the field and lots of fun, too. You will learn, make life-long friendships and develop a valuable network of experts, while having fun and enjoying the beautiful Texas Hill Country.
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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Youth Range Workshop is pretty simple. We aim to teach the next generation of land stewards the skills they need to care for the rangelands, whether they are land stewards, outdoor enthusiasts or most importantly, informed citizens. We feel hands-on activities, immersion into the resource are the best pathways to engage the enthusiasm and interest of teenagers and help them become life-long advocates for the rangeland resource. Youth Range Workshop is focused on stewardship, leadership, and management.

Our Mission

The Mission of Youth Range Workshop: Educating young adults to provide the leadership for the future stewardship and management of rangelands based on sound ecological principles. Stewardship, Leadership and Management, that’s who we are!
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Are you a high school student 14-18 years old? Lucky you! You are eligible to be a part of Youth Range Workshop! We'll be at Junction, Texas at the Texas Tech University Center June 16 – 21, 2024. Apply today! We can help you with who to contact for possible sponsorships!